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If you are a long time jersey buyer, you will be more familiar with the Authentic label. These are the best, most expensive NFL jerseys you can buy. Typically, they are about $250-$300 unless you have a coupon or discount. The new NFL Elite Jerseys by Nike would fit the same category (as the old Authentic) since they are the premium NFL jersey on the market today. These jerseys are fashioned after the Elite 51 NFL uniforms which will be worn by most teams. These are the most similar jerseys available when compared to the game jerseys worn on the field. They include Flywire strength around the neck area to help resist stretching of the jersey. The Zoned stretched fabrics also help reduce tearing giving the jersey more flexibility. Flexible twill numbers are sewn into the jersey. Plus, just like the NFL players have, these jerseys have strategic ventilation over all the heat zones in your body. There is no annoying neck tag label and they are made with a fabric that repels water. The Nike NFL Elite Jersey is also customizable. You can choose any number with your name or choose any player.

The NFL Game jersey by Nike is the equivalent of the old Replica jerseys made by Reebok. These are now the cheapest NFL jerseys, selling for about $100. This comfortable, durable, lightweight jersey is great to wear just about anywhere for the avid football fan. This NFL Game Jersey is tailored for easy movement, contains no annoying neck tag, and has Silicon print numbers and letters for a softer, lighter feel. Plus, it comes with the quality of Nike.

NFL Premier Jerseys

If you want the best value, you may want to consider buying an NFL Premier jersey. This football jersey is made with nylon/polyester and is made by Reebok. This NFL jersey offers a superb value to the customer, featuring raised appliqué numbers in front and back with the details that rival an Authentic NFL jersey. Although personalized football jerseys are not available in the NFL Premier jersey collection, you can save over $100 versus buying an Authentic NFL jersey. These pro football jerseys normally sell for $150 at most sports stores. You can save by purchasing a Premier NFL jersey here.

Authentic NFL Jerseys

If you want only official NFL jerseys, you should expect to pay more. Buying an Authentic NFL jersey gives you a lot of options. If you desire Authentic customized NFL jerseys, they allow you to make a personalized jersey with your name and the number of your choice, or you can create your own football jersey for any player in the NFL. These jerseys are custom ordered and will take a little longer to receive. However, you get an Authentic NFL jersey made with the same quality and materials as the jerseys the NFL players wear each week. These jerseys can sell for as much as $260 or more in some retail stores, but you can buy an Authentic NFL jersey here today for $240 or less.

NFL Throwback Jersey

Has your favorite NFL player retired? Is he an NFL legend? If so, Throwback football jerseys may be available for your favorite player. NFL Throwback jerseys are available for NFL legends like Joe Montana, John Elway, Walter Payton, and many more. Often times you can find an autographed NFL jersey when shopping for an NFL Throwback jersey. NFL Throwback jerseys typically cost somewhere between what a Premier NFL jersey and an Authentic NFL jersey would cost, about $150 to $200. If you want a signed NFL Throwback jersey, it will cost you more. Shop here to find a Throwback football jersey for your favorite player.

NFL Limited Jerseys by Nike

The Nike NFL Limited jersey is similar in positioning to the old NFL Premier Jerseys. It has a quality that sits in between the Elite and Game jerseys. The biggest differences between the Limited and Elite jersey is the fabric. It lacks the flexibility and stretchiness that the Elite jersey has. It still has the Flywire strength, stitched on Twill numbers, a way to keep your body cooler with strategic ventilation over the heat areas, contains no annoying neck tag, and is designed for active people. The Limited Jersey series is perhaps the best value when it comes to the look of the jersey seeming real. We beileve the Limited NFL Jerseys by Nike represent the best value in NFL Jerseys. Shop Limited Jerseys Now.

Cheap NFL Jerseys

If you do not have a lot of money, but want an NFL jersey to wear when you are watching the football games on Sunday, you may want to consider buying a jersey of a player who was recently traded away or possibly just retired. Many times when a player leaves a team, NFL jersey shops will place those particular NFL jerseys on sale to clear out their inventory. Often you can pick these jerseys up anywhere from $20 to $60. To see if any of these jerseys are available for your team, you can buy a jersey here.

Youth NFL Jerseys

Since kids grow so fast, and their jerseys do not require as much material as an adult jersey, youth NFL jerseys are quite a bit cheaper. You cannot get youth personalized NFL jerseys, but you can find cheap youth NFL jerseys that will fit your budget. Youth NFL football jerseys also have a smaller selection of players to choose from, but each team’s elite players should have an NFL jersey available for kids. It is extremely difficult to find youth NFL jerseys at a store, but you can get a cheap youth NFL jersey here.

Replica NFL Jerseys

Since you cannot get cheap Authentic NFL jerseys, a Replica NFL jersey may be the way to go. Typically Replica NFL jerseys sell anywhere from $80 to $90, and you normally can choose from three to five of your team’s best players. Replica NFL jerseys look very nice with your team colors. However, the material used is light weight and the numbers are painted on instead of sewn on. If you are on a tight budget but want a jersey for a current player on your team, a Replica NFL jersey should be your choice.

Women’s NFL Jerseys

NFL jerseys for women are becoming more popular. No longer do you have to wear a Replica NFL jersey that is made for men. Now women’s NFL jerseys are available. They are cut to fit a woman and often come in feminine colors like pink. The selection is limited for women’s NFL jerseys, but the team’s best players are normally available. Shop for women’s NFL jerseys here.

We hope you have found our NFL jersey buying guide helpful, and now understand the differences between Replica, Premier, Authentic, and Throwback NFL jerseys. Share this information with anyone you know who may be shopping for a jersey.

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