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Who would she be? The community is a little scared so-called fraud gang, they rely on a set I woke indecent assault her, lied to me my money spoil innocent people. "Leaf!" "Ah? Oh, oh, I'm back! Yes, no, nothing. leaf line right? "" just all right, why? " "You, you're going?" The girl's face looks a little scared, she thought I wanted to abandon her? This is my home, I will not leave here, she should understand." Then I turned around and found the power switch, and then turned on the light . Wholesale NFL Jerseys online Head that lit blood red light, I felt the sense of an indefinable Road, unknown - you say, this look like a wildfire red ah? I'm paranoid look back desolately cold road reminds me of Chang Jian poem: Song Lu occasion micro months, glaucoma still King. I remember like your home, so you take him for coming. "Tired you sleep well, I'm sorry," I said to the bow. Her face with Yuan Xiaohua there is a difference, but among my eyes meet as if she thought she let me questioning whispers softly: "?? What's your name come from.

Carefully put her in bed, I could not turn around, then Zuodao the ground, do not know why, at this moment there is no joy of success." Girl trance hand crowded temples close your eyes. Where, upstairs, downstairs neighbor, which should take care of me there is more thing, another day it. I looked down and noticed her chest, when ups and downs, my heart also trembles - a heartbeat, indicating still alive. "Come, sit down. Blood was soon stopped, Otani methods are useful. Wholesale NFL Jerseys supply "Came the oil inside heat wave beeping sound, she seems to enjoy cooking side chatting with people, and in it asked:" By the way, do not know what you are doing, you usually do not have works? "Can not find a job I love to work on the unemployed, too humiliated to say it can head off blood flow can not lose face, I hesitated to answer, said:?" I ah? I still freelance, and occasionally a good mood will hit parts of odd jobs, occasionally earn a little royalties." "Wound is still healing relationship, rest assured that your brain is not big gap, all right. This is the first time I dreamed of her death she was, I do not know, I do not know what she wanted to tell me, I did not know she suddenly "back" is what I want to convey? Mountain side? So what place? ************************** Gorgeous dividing line ******************** ******** The next day, I reluctantly lingering from sleep to wake up, he found half of the pillow wet with tears.

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